Sedona Ponds & Waterfalls

Sedona Arizona is home to some of the most gorgeous waterfall and rock formations in the US. This natural and mystical beauty can be brought to your backyard by none other than one of the best water fall builders around - Stan Festa of Sedona Ponds & Waterfalls. Stan has well over 20+ yrs of water feature and backyard pond experience gathered from his business iDigPonds in FL & Deer Valley Landscaping of CT. Stan will focus on the artistic nature of the landscape as well as the function when he creates his vision. Sedona Ponds & Waterfalls is now serving only select customers. Please contact us if you seek a premier waterfall builder for your resort living away from the resorts! If you are Looking for Big Rocks, Boulders, Machines, you've got the right pond builder. Smaller to medium projects are also not a problem. Feng Shui Design for your home? Although we are not feng shui certified we truly understand the flow of energy and we can help you bring balance to your property. So yes, we create a zen landscape alone or alongside your Feng Shui Consultant. Looking for rockscaping, hardscaping, zeroscaping to create a low maintenance landscape design with or with plants? Give us a call and see if we are a match!

Services Offered:


  • Waterfalls / Fish Ponds / Streams - Rock & Liner
  • Swimming Pond / Recreation Pond
  • Disappearing Water Vases & Fountains
  • Bubbling Rocks & Garden Fountains
  • Waterfalls into Swimming Pools
  • Rain Water Harvesting


  • Water Feature Repairs - Rock & Liner
  • Water Feature Upgrades & Add-Ons - Rock & Liner
Sedona Ponds & Waterfalls
Contact: Stan

Location: Prescott Valley Arizona - United States

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