Certified Aquascape Contractor. If you are searching for pond installer near me we might be the fit for you. We currently install new ponds, waterfalls, and pondless ponds in florida. We also provide pond rehab or pond renovations throughout Florida and provide some local pond maintenance depending on your address.

Services Offered:


  • Waterfalls / Fish Ponds / Streams - Rock & Liner
  • Swimming Pond / Recreation Pond
  • Disappearing Water Vases & Fountains
  • Bubbling Rocks & Garden Fountains
  • Waterfalls into Swimming Pools
  • Artificial Rock Waterfalls
  • Fish Ponds – Concrete
  • Water Features – Concrete
  • Lake / Farm / Retention / Detention Ponds
  • Lake Sprayers & Aerators
  • Rain Water Harvesting


  • Water Feature Maintenance - Rock & Liner
  • Water Feature Cleaning - Rock & Liner
  • Water Feature Algae Control - Rock & Liner
  • Water Feature Repairs - Rock & Liner
  • Water Feature Upgrades & Add-Ons - Rock & Liner
  • Vase & Garden Fountain Cleaning
  • Concrete Fountain Cleaning
  • Concrete Pond Maintenance
  • Concrete Pond Cleaning
  • Concrete Pond Algae Control
  • Concrete Pond Repairs
  • Concrete Pond Upgrades & Add-Ons
  • Farm Pond - Lake Maintenance
  • Farm Pond - Lake Algae / Weed Control
  • Farm Pond - Lake Repairs
  • Farm Pond - Lake Upgrades & Add-ons
  • Farm Pond - Lake Cleaning & Dredging


  • Pond Supply Store Near Me
  • Garden Fountains, Planters & Statuary Store
  • Pond Plants
  • Koi Fish - Pond Fish
  • Bulk Material
  • Rock Yard
Contact: Stan

Location: Ocala Florida - United States

User Reviews

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Final Image

Kelleen Robins

Posted: 12/15/19

OMG, we love it. Spencer is in the pond ALL the time and a happy pup. We are happy home owners! We would highly recommend your compnay to other homeowners who want a backyard pond project installation. We also think you provide excellent pond maintenance services and appreciate all the pond help tips and tricks. We are glad we found you and would work with you again. Thanks!

Stan Festa

Posted: 12/15/19

We appreciate the compliments and had fun working on your fish pond and dog therapy pond. See you next trip out when we trim the pond plants!

Original Image
Final Image

Betty Jensco

Posted: 12/09/19

Wonderful Job, thanks for the pond upgrade!

Stan Festa

Posted: 12/09/19

Great to work with you looking forward to your next project.

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Final Image

Tom Braden

Posted: 07/27/19

We had moved to our final retirement home and there was old and outdated landscape and a sad pond. We had a landscape company rip it all out and redesign the area but THEN we went with a company that was a pond specialist come in to install our water feature. Stan created a new focal point in our backyard and the pond lighting looks really nice as night. It's like a resort now.

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Final Image

Bet Jensco

Posted: 07/26/19

Thanks so much for your artistic touches on the custom water feature you installed for us. The look and feel is perfect for the corner of our front yard and the tranquil waterfalling is so peaceful to sip my morning coffee by on our front porch swing. Job well done!