You Need Koi Pond Help To Ensure The Health of Your Koi Pond

A beautiful backyard pond can be the best landscaping option to improve the exterior looks of your house. Ponds can be built similar to a large form of aquariums, and these types require a considerable amount of care and maintenance. There are different types of ponds that you can install in the exterior space of your house, and one such is a Koi pond that is home to colorful Koi fish, which is a domesticated type of common carp and also the national fish of Japan. Koi fish can reach up to 4 feet, and their vibrant colors can surely increase the visual appeal of your property.

Koi ponds are built in a variety of ways. One way to build a koi pond is much like large fish tanks as there are no big rocks, plants, or gravel that can harm the Koi fish. You have to employ the services of a reliable and professional pond contractor who can take an adequate amount of time, money, and effort to build a Koi pond in your house. These Koi ponds are installed with straight down sides with an approximate size of three-foot depth, and the average dimension of six foot by eight foot and, of course, can be larger or have varying depths. The Koi pond can feature a waterfall, but the waterfalls are not always integrated with the filtration system like those of other garden ponds.

Like all ponds, a Koi pond requires regular care and maintenance. The typical Koi pond requires both mechanical and biological filters, the oxygen is supplied by an aeration system, a bottom drain, and pond skimmer are fitted in the Koi pond that constantly removes the debris, dirt, and waste from the pond. If you have a busy lifestyle and cannot manage the daily or weekly care of the Koi pond, then you need professional koi pond help, which is provided by a certified and experienced pond contractor. The common problems associated with Koi ponds for which you need expert maintaining services are

Water quality

The Koi fish excrete waste, which combines with the aquatic vegetation and other small dirt and debris found in ponds. The polluted water should be checked and removed with fresh water after every 4 to 5 months or as directed.

Algae growth

One of the most common problems with different types of pond is the algae growth, which decreases the perceived value of the pond and makes it difficult for you to see the koi fish.

Fallen leaves and debris

If there are trees nearby the Koi ponds, then the fallen leaves easily fall down the pond and should be removed quickly, or they will settle in the bottom and decay, affecting the health of the pond and Koi fish.

Maintenance of Koi pond equipment

The overall health of the pond and Koi fish is depended on the proper functioning of pond equipment that needs to be serviced after every few months or as suggested. A pond contractor is skilled in repairing and maintain the pond equipment that includes the filtration system, aeration system, ultraviolet sterilizer, and a pump system. The koi pond problems may seem large to you, but for a professional pond contractor, the problems may be small and easy to manage. The water quality is the first and most vital issue, and if it is handled correctly, then it will be easier to manage the health of the entire koi pond. A certified pond contractor has the skill and equipment to take proper care of the koi pond.