What comes 1st in my landscape design?

1st) THE WATER FEATURE. The focal point is the water feature.  Everything must evolve around it to create your backyard paradise, so we always start 1st with any water feature elements.

2nd) THE HARDSCAPING. Large landscape boulders, retaining walls, walkways, patios, decks, ect., should be added next. This will help to create an engaging outdoor living space with proper flow.

3rd) THE LANDSCAPING. Lastly comes the planting beds, trees, shrubs, mulch, etc., around the water garden and amongst your hardscape.  They go in last to soften and accent your design.

Always consult with your electrician and irrigation contractor during or after the pond goes in, but before the hardscape or landscape gets put in so you can coordinate the scheduling of the other contractors.  Remember, it is very important to discuss the additional landscape elements that will be incorporated around your water feature early on with your contractor so they can design your pond and plan accordingly. Building a pond is hard work and the installation process can disrupt the yard, so give your pro the best possible access. Having a blank canvas is best for the pond builder in case he needs to relocate or modify the design due to unforeseen, underground obstacles. If you have multiple contractors providing separate services it is a best practice to give each contractor their own dedicated time to work on your property. Keeping a gap in between schedules is always best in case of poor weather or unforeseen delays. This will help the projects move along smoothly and turn out their best. Search for your local pond contractor here on PondContractorFinder.com to get your project moving in the right direction.