The need to contact pond cleaning contractor to maintain the pond

A beautiful fish pond is one of the best ways to make your house look unique and wonderful. The elaborate waterfall, the colorful koi fish, and green plants give a fascinating display. The atmosphere around the pond is clean and helps your family and friends to relax. The fish pond may be a fantastic addition to your house, but the pond needs constant maintenance in your backyard while your neighbor’s pond is easy to maintain. Why?

There are not one but dozens of problems that can affect the pond along with the fishes and plants. You can do cleaning tasks on your own, but it can be quite tough if you have a regular job and a family to look after. The best solution to ensure the health of the pond is to employ the services of expert pond contractors who are familiar with the maintenance of the pond. The biggest problem that requires immediate action is algae growth. There are many types of algae, including what some people call pea soup algae or green water algae.

This ugly looking algae is a single cell organism that covers the top of the water and turns the pond water green. Apart from algae, the fallen leaves from trees sink to the bottom and decay, which leaves a sludge. The accumulation of dirt and debris is quite common and requires you to perform regular maintenance of the pond. The fallen leaves settle to the bottom and release toxic gases that disturb the ecological balance. The steps that a pond cleaning contractor will take to maintain the looks and health of the pond may involve

Removing algae

The unsightly string algae that float on the surface of pond can is removed by using a skimming net, special algae removal tools – by hand, or by using a standard scrub brush in certain circumstances,
WARNING!! Scrubbing algae can make things worse in some water features. Different types of pond algae will require different strategies to deter it from growing or to kill algae.

Adding Beneficial Bacteria or Water Conditioners

Ponds vary so they can require different water treatments, including beneficial bacteria, to maintain a healthy pond. Your pond-pro can help you to find the right pond solutions to fix and maintain your pond’s water quality.

Adding hydrogen peroxide

One of the quickest ways that some pond maintenance experts do to clear the algae and address other pond issues is pouring hydrogen peroxide. The amount of the chemical may vary depending on the size of the pond and the reason for the treatment.

Add barley straw

The natural treatment of keep quality of water healthy is getting barley straw, stuffing it into a mesh bag, and letting it rest in the pond for several weeks.

Installing a UV clarifier

One of the advanced solutions that pond contractors do is use a UV (Ultraviolet) clarifier. The water is passed through the UV light, and the algae get eliminated. This is a great way to help fix algae, but again, it must be done correctly and with all things taken into consideration.
Just like people are unique from one another, every water garden is a little different, so it is a good idea to consult a professional pond maintenance company to diagnose your pond problem. This is similar to how a Dr would diagnose a patient’s symptoms so they can develop a successful treatment plan for both short and long term health.