Do-Overs were not so bad when you were playing kickball as a kid and it was always fun to yell “DO-OVER”, but when it comes to your water feature somebody yelling the words Do-Over is not necessarily what you want to hear. When a pond has been neglected or built improperly or even if it’s just not built the way you want it, a complete rip out and rebuild can be costly BUT it can be your window of opportunity to have a little fun and make it new and improved. Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? You are investing in your home and your own well being.

If your spending money then why would you want it to look the same. When your old couch has seen better days, you will replace it. But the odds that you would want to same exact couch is not likely because it’s just not as much fun right? Pond and Pondless Do-Overs can be a lot of fun because it’s your chance to re-decorate your outdoor landscape. There are so many pond installers who have fantastic pond ideas and with all the new decorative and filtration products and cool techniques the possibilities are endless. You may want to simply give your waterfall a face lift, additional waterfall, new stream, or add decorative items like spillway bowls, spitters, water vases, urns, bubbling rocks and so on. This is the perfect time to go bigger or even transform your pond into a pondless waterfall or your pondless waterfall into a beautiful Koi Pond. A Do-Over is your opportunity to turn that foul ball into a home run. Let the fun begin! Search for local pond companies under the Maintenance and Repairs categories at