Animal Behavior College Issues Press Release on Aquarium Maintenance Program

As per the statement of APPA (American Pet Products Association), fish hold the third position, when it comes to the most famous pets in the U.S., and roughly 12.5 million families have them.

Fish are available in a range of colors, sizes, shapes, and offer approved health benefits. The prevalence of fish ownership of freshwater, as well as saltwater, keeps on expanding. Accordingly, an increasing number of families and businesses are looking for the help of pond maintenance companies and aquarium maintenance companies to maintain their fish ponds and tanks.

As per the states, since 2016, the number of owners who procure aquarium maintenance help has expanded from 8% to 21 %. Therefore, in this case, Animal Behavior College has presented a core certification Aquarium Maintenance Program in order to fulfill the increasing requirement and is commencing another campaign to announce it.

As per the statement of Steven Appelbaum, president and CEO of Animal Behavior College, "There are over 139 million freshwater fish as well as 18 million saltwater fish owned as pets in the United States. This program is focused on new and existing hobbyists who intend to start a maintenance business."

Aquarium Maintenance Program intends to instruct aquarists all that they have to be aware of regarding fish keeping and commencing pond maintenance business, or aquarium maintenance business.

Individuals who attend the program have an opportunity to get to know the whole lot from establishing and keeping up freshwater and saltwater aquariums and making aquascapes to aquatic-plant and pond care essentials as well as the way to recognize usual illnesses and their treatments.

Besides establishing the business, the program likewise includes information regarding fish life structures, the distinction between species and breeding, along with comprehending similarity and husbandry prerequisites. The length of the learning program is between 10 - 12 to complete.

Graduates will be certified by ABC as Animal Behavior College Aquarium Maintenance Professionals (ABCAMP) upon successfully completing the program.

As per the statement of Appelbaum, "Amongst numerous advantages of setting up an aquarium maintenance business are its affordable beginning costs.’’

‘’With essential goods, for example, buckets and tubing for water changes, testing units, a siphon vacuum and specimen containers alongside other particular supplies and liability insurance, consequently, program graduates can start keeping up aquariums for clients.’’

‘’They could likewise extend their business through offering pond maintenance services, or aquarium maintenance services to pet stores and different organizations, on top of breeding fish, fragging corals, and developing plants for sale."

Several businesses, for example, doctors’ offices, dentists, hotels, and restaurants, have aquariums on display. The reason behind it is that aquariums work in a way to enhance the decoration theme.

On the other hand, watching fish, whether for a brief period, possibly will have helpful physiological impacts. As a matter of fact, individuals who saw tanks at the time of visiting the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, England, observed reduction in stress and anxiety, along with better mood and decreased blood pressure, as indicated by research issues on July 28, 2015, in the journal of Environment & Behavior.