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Specifically designed as an easy solution to browse for pond pros specializing in water gardens with or without signing up for a FREE Account. Search by pond contractor services and location. Connect with the installers YOU choose. Send job details with photos and find professional pond builders who use our Pond Contractor Pro ™ Software- With a picture of your area, they can design your project so you can view the water feature in your yard. Searching for a local pond contractor to install a new water feature, renovate an existing pond or Pondless Pond? Need pond maintenance services, pond cleaning or pond supplies like koi fish, pond plants, pond pumps, fountains and more? Pond Contractor Finder has you covered.

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Building a Pond? Browse our inspiration gallery to get ideas for your pond landscape project. Liner and Rock Fish Ponds, Concrete Ponds, Koi Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls and Streams, Waterfalls into pools, Disappearing Waterfall, Lakes, Bridges and More.

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Client Reviews

Sophia Avengilena

I love the Inspiration Gallery it gave me awesome ideas for what I wanted to do in my backyard. I was able to save pictures in my favorites folder with my free account sign up. Now I can show these to my husband and in a few months we will choose our contractor. Can’t wait I am so excited.


I like this site because you don't need to enter your personal info upfront unless you decide to do so. Some other sites ask for way to much personal info before you can even begin a search, when I am on a site like that I immediately leave. I really like what this company here is doing for the homeowner.


I saw the Beta Version of the software and it looks like a really cool way for contractors to show clients a better picture of what their water feature might look like in their yard. If I were choosing a contractor to build a pond for me I’d want the guy with the software.